Human Design Business Consultancy – BG5 and OC16

The original content has been condensed with an added bonus – it now includes the basic ‘next steps’ when businesses begin to grow into a Large Group – an OC16. Pricing has been substantially lowered, so that this fantastic information is now more readily accessible.I am one of the original students that studied and trained directly with Ra Uru Hu over the 3 times he taught this body of knowledge. At which point Ra asked me personally to take over the education of this subject. I am proud to say that after 5 different times through (both in English and German) as a teacher myself, I continue to refine and synthesize this knowledge so that my students can practically apply their knowledge after completing this course. For me, the HD Consulting Education is the culmination of the Human Design System – we all have (and need!) some sort of business life – let it be a materially successful and fulfilling one!

Please join me in opening up your material potential AND that of your clients.
The content of the course is:

  • Character and analysis of small groups
    The business application of Penta-Analysis – BG5 (Base Group 5)
    What are the needs for success of any team?
    Analysis of individual team affinities
  • Analysis, development and how to apply individual leadership qualities
    Analysis of the ‘shadow’ and its positive application
    How to master the difficult transition from individual work (on your own) to partnership or teamwork in either small or large groups.
  • Comparative Analysis
    Every individual is designed for one (or more) specific ways of working – alone, in partnership or as team player. To know how best to implement your unique qualities can lead to a completely new job-orientation.
  • Basics of Large Groups
    The business application of WA-Analysis – OC16 (Organizing Channels 16)

In the course you will have many possibilities to practice and practically apply your new skills, we will use ‘live’ examples. There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact throughout the education process.

HD Business Analysis is a precise, neutral and fast tool, that can support and improve any work-situation.

And of course we will keep up the tradition of supplying you with a transcript of the original course taught by Ra Uru Hu (complete semester webcast and transcript: €325,–) to show you the development and refinement of this fantastic knowledge over the last years.

PLUS – all graduates of this course can join us in our online group for meetings and discussions and also present their services on the new BG5 website:

For a couple of years now international BG5 consultants have been meeting regularily to discuss cases, deepen their understanding, share their practical experiences – and of course simply enjoy the communication! New members are welcome!

TRANSLATION POSSIBLE – if you are interested, please contact Ilse Sendler

Participants have access to the exclusive MMI business software.

DOWNLOAD the recording of the FREE OPEN HOUSE (with Josette Lamotte)
(BG5 and OC16 training), July 16th 2013 HERE