Fran Hale

Donnerstag/Thursday, 13.7. about a Reading, 10:00 – 12:00 Uhr, 20 €  ENGLISH

In this talk, I will walk you through the elements of the chart and what kind of information you might be given in a reading. This isn’t a crash course on how to do a reading, but a guide to enable you to feel more confident with the analysis you are receiving.
Every analyst will deliver a reading in their own, unique way, so it can be very helpful to be aware of the basic threads that will run through each.

Donnerstag/Thursday 13.7 – An Introduction to Rave Cosmology, 16:00 – 17:30 40€  ENGLISH

This is an invitation to join me on a brief journey through the esoteric and mystical teachings of Rave Cosmology. I will give you an overview of each of the 7 seven modules, and endeavour to inspire you into further study of this exciting material!  
Human Design is an oral tradition, and part of how I teach this material is through the medium of story-telling, sharing the Cosmic Fairy Tales of Ra’s transmission.  
I’m excited to have an opportunity of introducing Rave Cosmology to you.