Martin Grassinger, self reflected consciousness

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Rave Biology, Martin Grassinger

11 lectures (2 hours each), mp4 Video Download

In 1995 Ra and me we were interested which special gates and definitions within the bodygraph are involved in the process of nutrition and digestion. So we went into a retreat and spend time to figure it out in detail. The result was a special matrix within the bodygraph we called ‘Rave Biology’, built out of 12 definitions between 7 centers and 2 open gates. This matrix of 26 gates builds a very complex field of processing substance from the outer world into the inner world. It shows the common way the intestines are working and digestion is organized within us, where the blood vessel system, the nervous system, the immune system, the hormonal system and the muscular system are involved. Ra asked me to work with it in my daily practice with my clients and to develop it in regard to my experience and further investigations. Over the years it was getting more and more precise, and in the end, Ra authorized me exclusively to teach it.

Do you know how your intestines are working and how they are digesting nutrition according to your individuality? Do you know if protein, fat or sugar are an important source of energy for your body? Do you know if you are a true vegetarian or a natural carnivore? Today most of the human design analysts only know their PHS strategy, but nobody knows how their own intestines are working according to their individual design, while millions of people all over the planet have exact the same phs-strategy as you and me. But it reveals nothing about food, nor about the individual needs of your personal digestive system and which aspects in your case require specific attention. Therefore, Rave Biology is a brilliant tool to individualize your common phs-strategy, and even more, for all of these aspects are represented in your chart.

Rave Biology has its own perspective to look at the structure of a hexagram, it includes in a very simple way the chemistry of the amino acids, and how the basic meaning of the three versions of incarnation crosses of each hexagram (right/juxta/left) is integrated in this context as well as it is related to the aspects of digestion. It is obvious that the theme of incarnation affects your intestines and vice versa.

You are eating and digesting every day, as long as you will live, being born to be unique. Your individuality needs appropriate protection and support, knowing how your unique body is processing substance from the outer world into your inner world helps you to enhance your health, vitality, performance and wellbeing.

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